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What Does “Having Your Crap Together” Look Like?

It is a universal truth that everyone wants to feel in control of their life. From the age of two when we start insisting “Me do it” to old age when we want to stay in our homes and live our lives as we see fit, we want to be in charge and feel equal to all of the challenges that life holds. We understand that for all human beings, power over the details of our lives equates to personal happiness.

To me, “having my crap together” means that I understand and am on top of all the messy details of my life. Specifically, I am doing everything I need to do to optimally manage my

  • Finances
  • Health
  • Home
  • Property, likes cars and other valuables
  • Family
  • Relationships

Having your crap together means that you don’t have to lay awake at night and worry about bills, because you have a budget and you know how to stick to it. It means that your home is organized and relatively clean, that your cars are well-maintained and stocked for emergencies, that you are eating right, exercising, and visiting the doctor at appropriate intervals. You have insurance, and a will, and carry only the most necessary debt. You have goals and a plan to reach those goals.

Having your crap together means that you are managing your life like a responsible, dependable adult and that you fully understand the rules and behaviors you need to achieve and maintain a happy and successful life.

I am a happy, middle aged, relatively well-off adult with a brilliantly happy marriage, two great kids, and a pretty well-run life, but I’m also overweight, out of shape, have boxes I haven’t opened since my move two years ago, and a garage I can barely find room to walk through. I have personally put off doing important things like wills, budgets, insurance reviews, and lots of other crap that I know I need to do.

Everyone has aspects of their life they can make better. I hope this blog can be a guide to do all the crap you need to do to help you improve yours.

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